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Service & Repairs

FREE * HVAC system inspection
        (Heater * Vent *  Air Conditioner)
We will use this free inspection to target your vehicle's problem area and then offer an estimate of charges to pin-point actual causes & estimates for repairs

Computer Diagnostics

    "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" lights on
    Driveability and performance concerns
    Poor gas mileage diagnostics
    Engine "won't start" testing
    Full system computer scans   
    Preventive maintenance

Electrical systems
    Charging * alternator & regulator testing
    Battery power & load testing
             Battery drain testing for overnight "dead battery"
    Starting system service
    Power windows, seats & door locks
    Vehicle lighting inside & out
    Shorted wiring diagnostics

HVAC (Heating/Vent/Air Conditioning)
    Complete system diagnostics
    Climate Control systems
    A/C service & repairs
    Dash vent controls
    Heater service

Regular maintaince oil change service
     Premiun line oil filters only
     Bottled oil type that is required for your car
          Specific OEM required weight & type
        (No universal bulk oil tanks)
     Major safety inspection
           (Completed forms furnished) 
    Check tire pressures / including the spare
    OEM service intervals reviewed for all needed services
    We will reset your "Oil Change Service Reminder" light

Brakes * Steering * Suspension
On site brake system machine shop
        Rotors resurfaced & polished
        Quality brake pads in stock
   Struts & shocks
   Rack & Pinion replacement
   Tie rod ends, idler arms, pitman arms, sway bars
   Wheel hubs and/or wheel bearing service
   Steering & suspension component inspection

Cooling System
   Pressure & circulation testing for leaks
   "Refractometer" used to test coolant quality & strength
   Water pumps test
   Thermostats & outlet housings checked
   Intake manifold & heater core leaks
   Radiator, heater, & by-pass hoses

We search all of our resources to get you the best quality parts at an affordable price and with the best guarantee.

Please call us with any questions or need for more immediate detailed service infomation


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